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"Jackie was absolutely a God-send with assisting me birthing my daughter. She was there for me the weeks leading up to birth and giving me the courage to keep going. She was there for me from the moment I got to the hospital until I was settled in after giving birth. She helped me achieve a birth that I could be proud of and I’m so grateful I found her. I can’t recommend her enough. A birth is something you’ll remember forever and I’m glad to have her apart of my experience."  ~Kristyn J.

"I loved having Jackie as our doula for the birth of my second baby! My goal was to have a natural/medication free birth and to have a more positive postpartum experience compared to my first. Jackie served me and my family so well knowing that these were my goals for this birth. She was always encouraging and reminding me that I could trust my body to do what God created it to do! During my pregnancy, any time I was anxious or had questions about something, she was always there to give me sound advice but also point me to the evidence so I could make the best decision for myself. Jackie was so uplifting and a calming presence, which is really important during labor and delivery! She works really well with helping you establish your goals and coming up with a birth plan, but also remembering to be flexible if things do not go according to plan. I really enjoyed our postpartum visits which helped me process the birth overall. She also supported me with breastfeeding because that has always been a struggle for me, but thankfully this time has been a success! I think one of the best parts about hiring Jackie was that she turned my skeptical husband into a doula-believer! He now tells our pregnant friends that they need a doula and how wonderful they are. I would recommend Jackie over and over again!!" ~ Shea P.

"If you or someone you know is pregnant I highly recommend hiring Jackie Woodfin to be your doula. I asked around and Jackie was recommended to me. We talked on the phone first and she answered all my questions and completely put me at ease. I had spoken with 4 others doulas prior and I knew at once that she was "the one" for us. She came to a prenatal appointment and got to know the staff that was going to be delivering my baby. She came to lunch and met my husband and 2 other children, so she could help with the kids if needed during delivery. They loved her! She made my husband feel at ease, knowing that he wouldn't have to try and help me through labor alone. She explained to him that she wasn't there to take his place but to be there as little or as much as we needed her. She explained that she just wasn't there for the mom but to support the partner as well. She told him she could set up to give him a break, to watch kids, or anything that was needed to help the mama or partner. We worked together and made a birth plan. She listened to what I wanted during delivery and for the care of my baby afterwards. She reminded the staff of my wishes and advocated for what was important to me. Close to delivery, she was on call any time for questions or to help me decide if I needed to go to the birth center or call the midwife or if it was normal and nothing to be concerned about. She was absolutely amazing during my labor. She helped me do exercises and stretching to help keep my labor progress and to keep me up and moving instead of laying in bed in pain. She was able to use counter pressure during contractions and taught my husband how to do them too. Those made my labor bearable. Jackie was right there coaching me on my breathing and that meant I could stay ahead of the waves of contractions as they came hard and steady. She took pictures and videos per my request during the delivery and those mean so much to me as I look back on them often and feel like I can accomplish anything if I can deliver a baby completely unmedicated and natural. After the delivery she helped with getting the baby to breastfeed. She helped me to get into the bath and held my son while I cleaned up. She helped me to get dressed when I was dizzy and needed the help. She went above and beyond and came to the hospital after delivery when I needed to get stitches for a tear. Afterwards she checked on me via calls and texts and drove almost 2 hours to my home! I can't say enough great things about Jackie! She is worth her weight in gold. I just wish I had her by my side for my other 2 deliveries. One of the best decisions you will make is to hire Jackie Woodfin as your doula. You will not regret it!" ~ Christi S.

"To ensure the most supportive and relaxing atmosphere possible for an unmedicated birth, we decided on Origins Birth and Wellness Collective - Dallas and it was the best decision. I could go on and on about the experience and the amazing midwives that took care of us! I also highly recommend hiring a doula- Jackie Pool Woodfin to be exact her pain management tools, and calm, supportive demeanor guided me through delivery." ~ Natalie C.



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