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Water Birth

Availability:  2-3 clients per month


  • Hospital (all natural, medicated/intervention, VBAC, cesarean)

  • Birth center

  • Home birth

I know how important every role is in the delivery room (whether hospital, birth center, or home birth).  I am there to serve you and your birth partner, working as a team to make you feel supported and encouraged through the entire process.

Encouraging, empowering and educating clients through pregnancy, labor, birth and early postpartum is my passion.  Helping clients prepare both their body (balancing pelvic muscles to encourage optimal fetal positioning and engagement) and mind (processing fears and learning how to fully relax & breathe) is my focus to help ensure you have the birth experience you desire.

How I help you:

  • Pregnancy:  Provide information, answer questions, prepare birth plan and offer a listening ear for those times you simply need someone to talk with

  • Labor/birth support Once you are in labor, I stay with you up to two hours postpartum, providing comfort measures, labor positions and instruction that may encourage better fetal positioning and ease through stages of labor and delivery.

  • Advocate:  Help you and your partner feel more in control of the birth process, per your birth plan, helping voice concerns, ask appropriate questions, and know what your options are for labor/birth.

  • Partners:  Guide your partner by helping them feel more confident to help you.  Most partners don't fully understand how to help through the different stages of labor. I educate them on how we can work as a team to support you.

  • Calm:  Music, dim lights, flameless candles, aromatherapy, massage, and comfort measures to help you relax and remain calm

  • Postpartum:  Immediately after birth, I will stay with you, up to two hours, making sure you are nourished, help with baby's first latch, and help clean up birth area.

  • Comfort:  Make sure you are as comfortable and secure as possible, massaging, keeping you hydrated and fed, appropriate use of blankets, heating pads or ice packs.

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